Emeli Emanuelson is creative and full of ideas, a strong writer and a lovely person to be around. In her world, no assignment is too hard, too easy, too big, too boring or too small – she takes on most things with a positive energy. Emeli is well aware of the meaning of the word deadline, and she handles feedback and fast turnarounds well. I highly recommend her. To everyone. (Translation from Swedish)

Stockholm, 02-18-2011

Emeli has been in charge of the entertainment section at Travel News. This assignment requires structure, punchy writing skills and an ability to work fast. Emeli has all of this. This, together with her enthusiastic and positive personality, makes it easy for us to recommend her to future employers in media.

(Translation from Swedish)

Stockholm, 10-19-2010

Emeli is creative, industrious and perceptive. While working at Markbladet, she contributed her own article ideas and got them all published. She worked well on her own and as a team, and she knows the art of keeping deadlines. Besides writing articles she also took pictures. Markbladet is very pleased with her work and wishes her the best of luck!

(Translation from Swedish)

Skene, 01-28-2008

At times, we forgot that Emeli came to us to learn. We continuously provided her with assignments that she took on without any hesitation or difficulty. Despite the heavy workload we put Emeli through, she was still open to new challenges and assignments. We recommend Emeli Emanuelson for similar positions and assignments and hope to run into her again in the future, not only as a freelancer.

(Translation from Swedish)

Stockholm, 12-17-2007

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